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About John

We helped John to beat his muscular dystrophy and rediscover the magic of gaming in 2015. Since then, technology has improved; software can make joysticks more sensitive, better adaptors are available and, in John’s case, sticks on controllers can be made lighter to use.

Giving him this mod has opened up a huge number of games he struggled to play before, and he can now use his thumbs to press and move joysticks without extra equipment! He was also having problems reaching the triggers - kind of essential for first person shooters - but our team was able to carefully position some small light-touch switches emulating the triggers on a block of foam next to his right arm.

He can now be trigger-happy with his fourth and little finger. Sometimes with Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy, you can fatigue quite easily, so we gave John the bumper options as switches as well - just in case. And to give him even more independence we added a start button as an external switch so he can pause a game whenever he wants.

We’re really excited for John. The setup tweaks have given his gaming a new lease of life. It’s all part of our lifelong service, as everyone’s abilities change over time and we’ll be there to help when they do.

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