“My life is back to the way it was. I can play games!”

Here’s Aaron describing how a customised gaming setup from gamers’ charity SpecialEffect has transformed his life.

Aaron has muscular dystrophy was finding it harder to play play games. “My hands were just getting weaker,” he said. “I started getting depressed because I just couldn’t play anymore, it would be too exhausting.

Our specialist assessment team visited Aaron and worked with him to create a customised gaming setup that matched his abilities. He uses two controllers with his feet for the joysticks plus the A, B X and Y buttons and has two switches in his right hand as the triggers, and two in his left hand for the bumpers.

“I have a social network like I did before, I have friends. It helps connect you to other people. It’s something for me to do to unwind from school and pressure and, you know, just life. Games do mean a lot to me. I don’t know where I’d be without SpecialEffect.”