“We’re a competitive family… now I can win!”

Check out that eager competitive gleam in Devina’s eyes as she’s finally able to race against her brother, thanks to the loan of an adapted gaming setup devised by our specialist assessment team.

She’s always wanted to take to the track in racing games like Rocket League and Gran Turismo but her cerebral palsy means that a standard PS4 controller is difficult for her.

Our team worked with her via remote assessment and support calls to find out which combination of adapted gaming equipment might enable her to make the most of her control abilities. They sent her a large joystick, along with three button switches for triggering various options depending on the game she’s playing. Two foot-operated variable trigger switches give her the ability to accelerate and brake, and a portable lap tray puts her firmly in the driving seat wherever she is.

“Thank you so much for this wonderful setup,” she said. “I’ve always wanted to compete with my brother because we’re a competitive family, but I couldn’t. But now I can win and beat him!”

“My right hand is the weak hand, but this [setup] includes everything for both your hands. And the coolest thing about it is my feet – it’s like a car!”

A big thank you to Devina for telling us what the loan setup means to her. Despite the ongoing restrictions we’re so glad that our remote support is continuing to have such a positive impact and be such an effective way of delivering our personalised help.