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Chloe & Ella


About Chloe & Ella

If you view computer games purely as a pastime or, at worst, a distraction, you might want to talk to Ella and Chloe, two young friends from Oxfordshire.

Both girls have motor control problems that make it difficult for them to join in physical activities with their friends. Computer gaming is the one activity that can offer them equal and independent inclusion, but they find it too difficult to use standard handheld controllers without assistance.

That is until now. Ella and Chloe visited our Games Room with their parents to see if we could help. Bill, our technical specialist and Gillian, our occupational therapist, helped the girls with their positioning and set up for the Xbox Kinect, which doesn’t require a handheld controller. Just as importantly, we introduced the girls to a selection of games that would be easy enough for them to use by themselves, as well as providing motivation and fun. Games like Fruit Ninja and Sesame Street: Once Upon A Monster were instant hits. Julie, Ella’s mum, was overwhelmed. “Thank you so much - it was brilliant,” she said, “Ella was chattering non-stop about it.”

We’ve subsequently been able to support both girls and their families by setting up games and equipment in their own homes via our Loan Library. Ella and Chloe are already planning to visit each other’s houses for games parties where they’ll take on and beat their other friends – and their parents!

Giving Chloe and Ella the ability to enjoy games alongside everyone else has had a major impact on their quality of life. And that’s why we don’t do what we do purely for fun – it’s much more important than that.

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