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Save the date! 21-23 February 2020

Save the date for GameBlast, the UK’s BIGGEST annual charity gaming marathon weekend! If you’re passionate about games, GameBlast is the perfect way to have fun AND raise money to level the playing field for people with physical disabilities.

(And if you can't wait until February, why not Game For Us anyway?)

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Signup coming in October!

It's the UK’s biggest annual charity gaming marathon weekend - the event specifically for gamers, to help gamers, via the gamer’s charity. That makes it the the best excuse to game EVER!!

You’ll be raising money for us to help the thousands of people who want to share your love of video games, but their disabilities stop them playing any of the titles you’re fanatical about.

People like Ryan, whose muscular dystrophy has robbed him of the ability to play the games he loves. But with our help, he’s now back playing again.

If you’re passionate about games, GameBlast is the perfect way to have fun AND raise money to level the playing field for people with disabilities. 

Smiling girl with disabilities playing video games

What is GameBlast?

Simply organise your own gaming marathon or gaming event at your own convenience, and hold your event sometime during the weekend of 21-23 February if possible. Sign up raise donations through JustGiving and we can help you max out your donations and fun.

You can take part as an individual, as a group of friends a community or a company - it’s up to you. Many of you will be organising streamed gaming marathons, but if speed runs, tabletop games, LAN parties or gamerbakes are your thing, then welcome aboard!

What about a gaming-themed pub quiz? Or a firewalk? Or a dress up/down day at work? Go for it. We’ll help you with information and resources all the way.

Mark and his son with a GameBlast newspaper article

“My son and I have so much fun playing video games together and we’re lucky that we can. So I just want to help, even if it’s just a little, so that others who aren’t as lucky as us can experience that.” - Mark Foster, Sparky and Son.

Jagex staff smashing melons, GAME staff in a store

One for the industry

Don’t miss out on the fun. Many major names have backed this annual event, including Jagex, GAME, Multiplay, Twitch and SEGA, alongside a host of eSports teams, influencers and studios.

Just take a look at this amazing video of Jagex’s 2018 GameBlast Games – a 24hr livestream of gaming, chaos and ridiculous challenges. Or take inspiration from the GAME and Multiplay Events staff who also hosted a 24hr stream, while across the country GAME stores and BELONG arenas brought GameBlast to the high street with charity promotions, auctions and esports tournaments.

Whatever level of involvement your company can offer, for example giveaways, game bundles, staff events - we’d love to hear from you.

Smiling boy with disabilities playing video games

How we'll spend your donations

Your donations will enable us to work with gamers with disabilities to find out what they want to play, and exactly what they need to play it. Everyone's abilities are different so we'll match, modify or create equipment to lend to them, and give lifelong support so they can get the best out of it.

From modified gaming controllers to eye-control systems, everything is personalised. Sometimes that might mean adding voice control or a chin joystick. Or we might get the drill and the soldering iron out to adapt the buttons on a controller. There are hundreds of potential solutions, and it’s our job to find the right one.

You'll also be funding vital R&D that lets us share what we learn globally, like our free EyeMine software for people with severe disabilities to use their eyes to play Minecraft.


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