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Get ready to GameBlast!

It’s back! GameBlast22, the UK’s biggest annual charity gaming marathon weekend is the event specifically for gamers, to help gamers, via the gamer’s charity. That makes it the best excuse to game EVER!!

You’ll be raising money for us – SpecialEffect. We’re there for the thousands of people who want to share your passion for video games, but their physical disabilities stop or limit their ability to play any of the titles you’re fanatical about.

People like Athion, whose cerebral palsy makes using a standard games controller difficult. But with the loan of a personalised accessible controller setup devised by our specialist assessment team, he’s now loving playing Mario Kart with his family. The sponsorship you raise through GameBlast22 will help us change the lives of many more people like Athion by bringing the magic and inclusivity of gaming into their lives.

If you’re passionate about games, GameBlast22 is the perfect way to have fun AND raise money to level the playing field for people with physical disabilities. Sign up now!

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How does it work?

It’s simple. Just organise your own gaming marathon or gaming event at your own convenience, and hold your event sometime during the weekend of 25-27 February if possible.

You can take part as an individual, a group of friends, a community or a company – it’s up to you (and any covid restrictions at the time). So if speeds runs are your thing, or tabletop games, or LAN parties, or streamed 24hr gaming marathons, or gamer bakes, then welcome aboard! What about a gaming-themed pub quiz? Or a firewalk? Or a dress up/down day at work? Go for it. We’ll help you with information and resources all the way.

Don’t worry if you’ve never fundraised through games before. We’ve a ton of help and information about how to get yourself started, plus some tips and tricks to grab attention of your supporters.

“My son and I have so much fun playing video games together and we’re lucky that we can. So I just want to help, even if it’s just a little, so that others who aren’t as lucky as us can experience that.” – Sparky and Son.

“I’ve been helped by SpecialEffect over the last couple of years so I’m doing a six-hour gaming marathon to raise money. I know what a big difference they make.” – Joe Kemp

“We spent 24 hours playing alongside our friends and had a great time whilst making OUR contribution to help SpecialEffect bring gaming to people with disabilities. That’s awesome.” – Nick, Finstock GameBlast

“The most fun I’ve had streaming in a long time.” – Daniel, Coaching for Geeks



How we’ll spend your donations

We’ll be helping gamers with disabilities find out what they want to play, and exactly what they need to play it. Everyone’s abilities are different so we’ll match, modify or create custom gaming setups to lend to them, and give lifelong support so they can get the best out of it.

From modified gaming controllers to eye-control systems, every system we recommend or loan is personalised. Sometimes that might mean adding voice control or a chin joystick. Or we might get the drill and the soldering iron out to adapt the button positions on a controller. There are hundreds of potential solutions, and it’s our job to find the right one.

Your donations will also fund our work into making a global impact, with innovations like our free EyeMine software that lets people with severe disabilities use their eyes to play Minecraft. You’ll also be enabling us to create more games for those who use eye control as their main access method, and provide more freely-available game accessibility advice, both generally and specifically for developers.

Find out more about the difference we’re making how we’re making it: take a look at our website or YouTube channel, which features the stories of Callum, Ajay, Becky and many others whose gaming journeys have been kickstarted by YOUR help!



One for the industry

If you’re in the gaming industry, don’t miss out on the fun. Many major names have previously backed this annual event, including Jagex, GAME, Twitch and SEGA, alongside a host of esports teams, influencers and studios.

Whatever level of involvement your company can offer, for example giveaways, game bundles or staff events – we’d love to hear from you!



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