"Within seconds, the robot becomes Luuk"

Monday, September 7th, 2020

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Wonderful to see Luuk and our BubbleBusters project in the news courtesy of an article and video (below) in the Metro.

The article features No Isolation, who make the AV1 robots that we use, and contains short interviews with No Isolation Co-Founder and CEO Karen Dolva, and our Founder and CEO Mick Donegan.

Our BubbleBusters pilot project tackles the isolation and loneliness of children with immunodeficiency who can’t go to school because of a high infection risk due to their severely weakened immune system. A desktop robot takes the child’s place in the classroom and playground and through it the child is able to hear, see and speak to their friends and teacher from their home or hospital bed using a mobile phone or tablet. The robots are also keeping our BubbleBuster children connected to their families and friends in different ways outside of the school setting.