“With games, anything is possible!”

Friday, October 6th, 2023

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What a story for One Special Day! YOUR support has enabled us to be at Tiago’s side since 2013, helping him to meet the challenges of playing the titles he loves as gaming technology and accessibility have evolved.

We first helped Tiago to enjoy playing games when he was five, and it was fantastic to catch up with him recently and find out more about how his gaming journey has led him to a course in games development.

In this video update we chat to Tiago, his mother and his course tutor and discover how his passion for gaming has been the catalyst for an impressive start towards a future career in the industry.

“The support from SpecialEffect as I’ve grown up has helped me by adapting how I game,” said Tiago. “I’m able to access a wider range of games and I can play with my friends. I feel exhilarated about playing as I’m not restricted on what I can do, whereas in real life I am.”

“If I hadn’t had the chance to game and be involved with SpecialEffect, I wouldn’t be in my Games Development and Coding course at college – because it opened my eyes to what I can actually do!”

This is the kind of far-reaching difference your vital One Special Day support on 6 October has helped to make over the years for thousands of gamers across the world. THANK YOU so much – you’re genuinely changing lives!

A huge thank you to Tiago for representing the charity on One Special Day, and thanks also to his mother and Banbury & Bicester College for making the filming of this video possible.