"There’s still gaming to be done"

Wednesday, April 28th, 2021

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Paul’s been a fantastic friend and ambassador of the charity for many years since we first met him in 2013 when he’d suffered a high spinal injury and was being treated at Stanmore Hospital. He’d been a keen gamer before his accident and, despite having virtually no finger movement and very limited arm movement, he was desperate to be able to play again.

Our specialist assessment team used their expertise to put together a control setup that would make the best use of his abilities. It consisted of two button switches and a palm-controlled joystick, and almost immediately he was enjoying FIFA in its two button mode.

His mum told us that after our team had left, he’d rung her to say that he’d just had the best day ever!

As video games, controller technology and Paul’s own gaming preferences have developed over the years, he’s been in regular contact with our team who’ve been able to give advice and make vital ongoing changes to his setup. This commitment to lifelong support is a fundamental aspect of our work, and it’s been a privilege to have helped him maintain his enjoyment of the games he loves. There certainly is, as he says, still more gaming to be done!