“Thank you for making gaming possible!”

Wednesday, January 17th, 2024

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Close up of Sony Access controller with an additional large joystick

Danielle’s making the most of a whole range of games on her PS5 thanks to her new Sony Access Controller and support from our specialist assessment team.

Danielle’s spinal muscular atrophy means that she has limited movement and strength in her hands, and our specialists have been helping her to enjoy games for nearly eight years now through the ongoing loan and support of a variety of controller setups that make the most of her abilities.

And wow, those abilities are sharp. She platinumed Crash Bandicoot in 2022 (most of our team here can’t get past the first few levels) and it’s been awesome to follow her gaming achievements over the years, providing advice and support when she’s needed it.

“Thank you so much for making gaming possible for me,” she said on social media, “Without my adaptive set up I could only dream of achieving things like this in gaming!”

Social media post celebrating Platinum on Crash Bandicoot

Danielle was keen to take advantage of the new Sony Access controller when it was launched recently, but quickly but realised that although she was able to use the built-in joystick, she needed a second joystick for looking around in her games. She talked through the challenge with our team, who subsequently suggested the loan of an external joystick that had the potential to be the appropriate height and size for her hand position and movement.

It’s working really well and, along with some small light-touch lever switches positioned on a stable Velcro-covered lap tray, she’s had a fantastic gaming Christmas and New Year.

Helping Danielle to play in such an impressive and independent way is real honour, and it’s all because of YOUR amazing support. If you’re a gamer and you’d like to help us create more life-enhancing differences all over the world, join us in GameBlast24, the UK’s largest charity gaming weekend!