Thank you for an amazing GameBlast weekend!

Monday, February 28th, 2022

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You did it! You game-playing, sleep-battling wonderful, wonderful GameBlasters came together yet again to raise a total that’s currently pushing over £200,000! Hundreds of you took part and thousands of you donated to reach this stunning sum that’s all the more appreciated in these tough times. You have the heartfelt grateful thanks of EVERYONE in the team here at SpecialEffect.  

It was a truly joyous and community-infused festival of gaming, and we really appreciate the huge amount time and effort you’ve given to run your streams and events. We value EVERYTHING that you raised, whether it was in the tens or thousands.

It seems unfair to single out any of the hundreds of you who gave so much of your time, energy and donations, but perhaps the highlights of the SEGA Stream Team give a flavour of the happiness and occasional madness that was flowing throughout the whole weekend.

All your donations will make an a massive difference: you’ll be gifting priceless inclusion and a better quality of life for so many people of all ages who need our help, and you’ll have enabled us to offer more inspiring ways to make video games accessible for people all around the world.

In short, you’ve just helped thousands more people with physical disabilities to discover the magic of video games. Magnificent work!

Thank you