Twin cycle epics herald Twin Town weekend

Thursday, April 28th, 2022

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Five men holding a specialeffect flag, four are wearing cycling gear

Not one but TWO teams of intrepid cylists are pedalling the 200+ miles from Oxfordshire to Le Touquet to kick-starting their Twin Town Challenge efforts.

It was an early start today for the team (above) from Sumo Digital – that’s Dave Blewett, riding alongside colleagues Keith Burden and Jason Baggett, with Andrew Taylor in the role of support driver. Dave will take on 56 miles of the journey from Calais to Le Touquet before being cheered across the finish line by his SUMO team mates and the rest of the Twin Town community.

SUMO will have some catching up to do though if they’re to join Peter O Connell, Nikolaos Ioannidis, Paul Ballinger and Tom Briggs of Shaw Gibbs and STL Communications (below) who started their journey from Oxfordshire yesterday morning.

The weekend will be especially poignant for the SUMO team as it will be the first Twin Town without their colleague Ian Richardson, who sadly passed away last year. To mark the occasion, Dave will be carrying a bottle of Ian’s favourite Chardonnay with him all the way along the route, to be enjoyed with friends over the weekend.

You can track Dave and the team’s progress using the link here – do pop out and give them a cheer if they’re passing near by.

If you would like to show support for these amazing undertakings, visit SUMO’s fundraising page and make a donation or visit the Shaw Gibbs fundraising page.

Montage of four images of cyclists and colleagues in front of buildings