“No matter what MND throws at me, SpecialEffect come up with solutions”

Saturday, February 24th, 2024

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It’s a privilege to be supporting Sam with his gaming journey. He has motor neurone disease, and our specialist assessment team first helped him to play games with an adapted gaming controller setup that included a chin-controlled joystick and leg-operated button switches.

As his condition advanced the team introduced voice control into his setup, and now that his speech is becoming more of a challenge for gaming, he’s playing many of the titles he loves like Fallout and Civilisation just by using his eyes, thanks to customised eye-gaze software created by our therapists.

“It’s so liberating for me,” he said. “No matter what MND throws at me, the guys at SpecialEffect have come up with solutions to allow me to still play games, which has been fantastic.”

Sam’s lifelong gaming support has been made possible through the expertise and tenacity of our specialist assessment team, and that in turn only exists because of your wonderful fundraising – so thank you again for the bottom of our hearts for GameBlasting for us this weekend, you are truly fantastic!