Meet AKLTrifecta, our September spotlighted streamer

Monday, September 18th, 2023

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We couldn’t do what we do without the support of our incredible community of streamers, and as part of our Stream Team Spotlighted Streamer interviews we’ve talked incredible musician and GameBlaster, AKLTrifecta!

Hello! I’m AKLTrifecta, a casual streamer/VTuber, making a variety of gaming/music content for Twitch (primarily), Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok.

In addition to content creation, I’m a self-taught drummer of about 8-9 years, I’ve been working on a personal GameDev project in “RPG Maker”, and I’m also working on getting into voice acting with my Commercial Demo recorded, and working on a Character Demo!

That’s fantastic! We’ve been fans of your drumming content for a while! Tell us, how long have you been a content creator, and how did you get started?

I’ve been a content creator since July 2018, so going on five years now. It all started because a friend of mine wanted to see my reaction to the game NieR:Automata. I figured that having my reaction streamed and recorded would be cool, and from there, I found that making streaming content was just fun in-and-of itself!

Your friend has good taste, the NieR games are great! So, what is some of your favourite content to make online and why?

One of my favourite things to do on stream are the Otaku Drum Streams I have near the end of each month, where people can submit anime/video-game songs for me to drum along to (which is usually the first time I’m hearing the song too!) I find it a great way to practice my drummer-intuition, and just have fun with a community who appreciates some good music!

That’s wonderful! You mentioned you also stream games, what are some of your favourite games, and why are they important to you?

Ooh, this one’s a toughie… I guess first and foremost, the Yakuza/Like A Dragon games are at the top. After all, if it wasn’t for those games, I wouldn’t have come into contact with SEGA and thus, would not have heard of SpecialEffect! A special shoutout goes to the Monster Hunter and Persona series of games as well, all of them being favourites of mine.

SEGA are incredible, we’re so thankful that we’ve met some amazing creators through their support! So, why did you choose to fundraise for us?

After connecting with SEGA, one of their team reached out to me and asked if I wanted to be a part of their team taking part in GameBlast one year. I had never done a charity stream before, so I figured it’d be good to try it out. It was an awesome time, and I’ve been making sure to participate with SEGA whenever GameBlast starts up each year ever since!

And thank you so much for taking part! Now that you’ve run a few, what are your top tips for running a charity event?

Right off the bat – don’t worry about the amount you raise. The first year that I did GameBlast, I raised a bit over $1300. The next year, it was a little above $100. Both streams had plenty of people having a blast and enjoying themselves, and of course, I was happy doing things I enjoyed.

Which brings me to my second tip, do stuff you have a passion for and can really enjoy – I’ve played plenty of games and played drums for charity, I’ve seen others make music, read books, or voice-act for charity. If you bring the passion to your project, it really shows in the finished product.

Brilliant tips, we couldn’t agree more! Thank you for your time AKLTrifecta, do you have any comments for the audience?

Thank you so much for having me on this interview, and I look forward to many more charity streams and meeting plenty of new people in the future! Like I always say…”Stay Casual, and Stay Cool!”

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