“It’s great to be able to play like everyone else!” 

Thursday, January 13th, 2022

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Here’s some real Christmas magic! It’s Bethany having the time of her life playing her favourite games thanks to the gift of a Nintendo Switch from her mum and the loan of an adapted setup created by our specialist assessment team.

Bethany’s mum was worried that her daughter’s cerebral palsy, which affects the use of her right hand, would prevent her from playing games to the best of her abilities, especially as the console was planned as a special Christmas present. She met with our specialist assessment team via a video call to discuss what adapted gaming equipment options might give Bethany the best opportunity of being able to enjoy her favourites Mario, Pink and Paw Patrol on Christmas morning.

The team consequently loaned the family an adapted gaming controller setup and talked her mum through setting up the equipment ready for Christmas Day. The carefully-considered setup included a large joystick which Bethany could move with her left hand and a range of button switches that she could use with her right hand. These could all be fixed onto a laptray so she could play on the sofa with her family.

Bethany’s mum was so excited at the prospect of Bethany being able to play independently on Christmas day, and we’re delighted to report that everything went to plan!

“Playing computer games and holding controllers can be quite challenging,” wrote her mum on Instagram. “[But] SpecialEffect have loaned Bethany the most amazing button set up to enable her to play on her new Nintendo Switch. There are not enough words to describe how amazing they have been.”

Bethany’s setup has opened a world new world of gaming possibilities for her and we’re so glad we could help. We’re already working with her to make sure the setup is effective as possible, and we’ll be there if she needs further support in the future.

“It’s great to be able to play like everyone else!” she said.

Many thanks to Bethany’s mum for permission to share the video from Instagram.