Inktober: Bex paints for SpecialEffect

Tuesday, October 26th, 2021

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We’re always amazed and inspired by the variety and talents of our fundraisers. Take a look at the beautiful skills of supporter Bex Mills who’s painstakingly doing Inktober again for us this month – a new drawing every day throughout the month of October!

art montage of 4 pictures

Bex explains: “This year one of my favourite artists, Jess Karp, has created a prompt list with the theme of Positivity, which I’ll be following. I won’t be sticking to a single medium but changing it up to fit with the prompt and my ideas. By the end of the challenge I’m hoping to have 31 unique and inspiring pieces that push me back into my daily sketching routine. Life is always better when you do something you love daily and recently I haven’t been sketching much. A positivity prompt list seemed the perfect way to get back into that habit.”

“Last year we got so close to hitting the £250 goal for SpecialEffect and I’d love to hit it this year.  All donations no matter how big or small are greatly appreciated.”

Take a look at her work; it’s absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much Bex for such fabulous support.