“Amazing!” When Dele Alli met Paul Seal

Monday, October 10th, 2022

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Ambassador clash! In this fantastic video from the HyperX Everyday Heroes series, SpecialEffect ambassador Paul Seal meets HyperX brand ambassador Dele Alli to game together and talk about the positive power of gaming.

Paul’s spinal injury means that he uses a mouth-controlled gaming setup, and it enabled him to match up against Dele on a level playing field.

“He’s a huge inspiration,” said Dele, “When you’re gaming you come across a lot of different players and you don’t always see who’s on the other end. If I was on a different team it would have been like playing against any other player.”

“The SpecialEffect team have given me the gift of being able to play games again,” said Paul. “I had a visit from their specialist assessment team who introduced me to using sip/puff equipment for gaming, and after that via the Quadstick. It’s led to me to now spending hours with friends chatting whilst playing, when previously I spent those hours alone.”

“It’s much better than any medicine I have been prescribed.”

Dele agrees: “The special thing about gaming is it keeps people together, and seeing him still being able to do that is amazing.”

We extend a huge thank you to Dele, Paul, and all the hard work done by the UK Creative Team at HyperX in making this inspirational video possible.