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Meet the Team


Our Staff

Our teams of therapists and games technology specialists travel the length and breadth of the UK to visit people who can't make the trip to our Accessible Games Centre in Oxfordshire. And our door is always open to technology companies who'd like specialist advice on making their products inclusive to many more people.

Binnie-Francis Francis Binnie
Donegan-Bill Bill Donegan
Donegan-Mick Dr Mick Donegan
Donegan-Tom Tom Donegan
Elkerton-Pam Pam Elkerton
Ellis-Barrie Barrie Ellis
Floyd-Barry Barry Floyd
Frost-Becky Becky Frost
Gallagher-Nomitha Nomitha Gallagher
Hilborne-Alison Alison Hilborne
Holden-Jacob Jacob Holden
Lawler-Liam Liam Lawler
Lea-Camilla Camilla Lea
McGarrity-Mhairi Mhairi McGarrity
Morgan-Joe Joe Morgan
Nelson-Harry Harry Nelson
Nelson-Turner Jess Jess Nelson-Turner
Norman-Kate Kate Norman
Palmer-Frankie Frankie Palmer
Power-Liz Liz Power
Saville-Mark Mark Saville
Sheldon-Battle-Fran Fran Sheldon-Battle
Streeter-Nick Nick Streeter
Taylor-Gillian Gillian Taylor
Whittaker-Hannah Hannah Whittaker


bennett-simon Simon Bennett
cross-paul Paul Cross
Densham-Rod Rod Densham
friend-caroline Caroline Friend
Read-Simon Simon Read
Wiltshire-louise Louise Wiltshire

Vice Presidents

Braben-David David Braben
Cavers-Carl Carl Cavers
Clark-John John Clark
cross-brendon Brendon Cross
dear-john John Dear
everard-richard Richard Everard OBE DL
Fletcher-Craig Craig Fletcher
Foster-Tim Tim Foster
friend-rupert Rupert Friend
goodman-lizbeth Lizbeth Goodman
Hartman-Alan Alan Hartman
jackson-roy Roy Jackson
Jacobson-Miles Miles Jacobson
Jones-Nick Nick Jones
Lee-Chris Chris Lee
Livingstone-Ian Ian Livingstone CBE
Loman-Rupert Rupert Loman
minkley-johnny Johnny Minkley
Moore-Peter Peter Moore
payne-andy Andy Payne
payne-kirsty Kirsty Payne
Rosenthal-Jim Jim Rosenthal
rotherwick-tania Tania Rotherwick
russell-kate Kate Russell
Rutter-David David Rutter
Sagnier-Frank Frank Sagnier
schafer-tim Tim Schafer
selway-philip Philip Selway
Stalbow-Andrew Andrew Stalbow
Thomas-Kelvin Kelvin Thomas
Tomlinson-Justin Justin Tomlinson MP
Twist-Jo Jo Twist OBE
Watson-Tom Tom Watson MP
Wedgwood-Paul Paul Wedgwood
Williams-Trevor Trevor Williams
Wilson-Mike Mike Wilson
Wilson-Richard Dr Richard Wilson
Woodley-Tim Tim Woodley
Yates-Barry Barry Yates

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