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About SpecialEffect

What do we do?

Access to video games

Who do you help?

How do I ask for help?

I'm a health/education/social care professional. Can I refer someone to you?

What happens then?

Is there an age limit?

What types of games do you give advice about?

How much will it cost?

How long will I need to wait for an assessment?

We work with people with disabilities. Can we visit you - or can you visit us - to help
our clients with gaming access?

Can I arrange a group visit?

Can you help with funding my gaming equipment?

I have a sensory impairment, not a physical impairment. Are you able to help me?

The StarGaze Project

What is our StarGaze project?

How can I make a referral?


I’m working on a project which I think would be of interest to you, would you like
to be involved?


Do you provide training to help set up a similar service locally?

Attending events

I’d like to organise a gaming event involving disabled people. Can I ask SpecialEffect
to be involved in the event in some way?

Working and representing us

How can I become a SpecialEffect Ambassador?

Do you have any job vacancies?

Do you offer work experience?

Supporting us

Is it ok for me to do a street collection in your name?

I have an old console/games that I would like to donate to you. What is the
best way to do this?


I’m interested in advertising on your website.


I work in the charity sector and I would like your advice on how to engage with
the games industry.


Can I apply to you for funding?

Any opinions expressed by persons representing SpecialEffect, in any capacity, may not necessarily reflect the opinions of SpecialEffect.Org.UK Ltd and or SpecialEffect.

Does a physical disability keep you out of the game?
Fill out our contact form or call us on 01608 810055

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