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Eye Gaze Games

Eye Gaze Games


Help us build a website for eye gaze gamers

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Use eye gaze? We need your help!

We’re currently working with Sun and Moon Studios to build Eye Gaze Games, an exciting games website where eye gaze users  - and other gamers with physical disabilities - can meet to play free, accessible web-based games together on a level playing field across the world.

At this early stage in its development we'd really appreciate your help in finding out what works, what doesn’t and what’s needed,

You can give feedback directly from the website. Just click the question mark button and follow the Feedback link.

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Why eye gaze?

Eye gaze technology lets you control your computer using eye movement alone, and we’ve been using it for over a decade directly with people with disabilities, building up a wealth of specialist technical and practical knowledge on the way.

There’s now a global need for games that are accessible for a wide range of eye gaze users. This website will meet that need by creating a global eye gaze games room.

We also want the site to be a example to developers of the additional fun, inclusion and number of players that can be gained from making games eye gaze accessible.

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Eye gaze now, much more later

At the moment the Eye Gaze Games website is a work in progress with growing functionality, but over time we want it to be as inclusive as possible.

On launch, eye gaze gamers will be able to play a selection of board games such as chess and sudoku against someone using switches, a mouse or a touchscreen on the same computer. They'll also be able to play against the computer at a range of difficulty levels.

Players will be able to use a range of eye-trackers to experiment with the controls, accessibility and gameplay. We've also added a step-by-step way to personalise the control settings.

The full range of control inputs are eye gaze, mice (eg head mice, joystick mice), an accessibility switch (auto scanning) or switches (manual scanning), or a touchscreen (iOS, Android and Windows).

If you have any problems getting started, check out our walkthrough videos

As testing progresses we'll add more control inputs like keyboards, gamepads, voice control and even brain control. We'll also add more accessibility as well, for example for those with visual impairments.

And a huge part of our future plans is to add online multiplayer modes, making the games on the site globally accessible for as many people as possible.

Selection of board games

Why browser games?

We chose to focus on browser-based games to allow as many users as possible around the world to play them on their eye gaze systems, even using a low spec computer.

We also wanted to minimise set up, avoid downloads and reduce software incompatibility.

The board games we've started with have been requested time and again by people we’ve supported through eye gaze, but it doesn’t mean we’re only going limit the site to board games - we’ll soon be working on other genres, so watch this space!

The generous backing from our supporters enables us to make these games available to play for free.

boy using eye gaze watched by parents

For developers

We won’t be adding games made by other developers while we’re building the site.

We are, however, considering future plans to create resources for developers to help implement eye gaze into games which could be donated and added to the site.

Headshot of James Howard

For James

Eye Gaze Games is dedicated to the memory of Google Executive James Howard, a passionate supporter and the inspiration for this global project.

Our heartfelt thanks go to his devoted family and friends whose support was invaluable in laying its foundations.


Thanks to our partners

Sun and Moon logo Earth Interactive logo

Thanks to the amazing team at Sun and Moon Studios and Earth Interactive for being fantastic co-developers of Eye Gaze Games.

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