“Your video… it changed my life.”

Monday, January 27th, 2020

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Paul’s finally playing games again fifteen years after his spinal injury – after discovering our YouTube video on how to set up voice controls.

Paul could already use a PC really well with a head-controlled mouse and a couple of switches that utilised his shoulder and arm movement, but his gaming really took off after watching one of our videos on adding the GavPi voice control software.

“I had really enjoyed playing games but after my accident I gave up hope of playing as I never thought I’d be able to keep up,” said Paul. “I stumbled across your video about GavPi and it changed my life.”

He now uses over 40 voice commands in Fortnite, but he was having difficulty fully controlling his forward movement in the game. Our therapists Joe and Frankie visited him and introduced a sip and puff switch that solved the problem, and now he’s back in the fight playing online regularly with his friends.

“We often use the GavPi software for voice control because it’s easy to set up and can be personalised,” said Joe. “Paul’s now using Voice Attack instead, which gives him access to some options that work for him.”

Joe and Frankie are also looking into the option of a second sip/puff switch to add to his setup for strafing, so it looks like Paul’s hand/shoulder/mouth/voice setup is going to make him a genuine gaming force to be reckoned with!

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Man in bed using sip and puff switch and voice control