Tye’s getting to grips with his games

Wednesday, January 8th, 2020

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smiling seated man using games controller

Imagine the frustration of trying to use a games controller accurately when you’ve got an arm tremor. That’s the challenge Tye was facing, but after some small but vital setup changes by our therapists, he’s able to tame his games.

Tye’s right arm has a tremor as a result of a brain injury, so reaching out to press controller buttons is a real challenge. His brother was helping him to play on his Xbox but he was keen to game independently.

Our therapists Jacob and Nomi suggested that an Xbox Elite controller with the paddles remapped to the triggers and bumpers might help – and it made a huge difference. The extra weight of the Elite also helped stabilise Tye’s tremor when he was pressing the face buttons, and the addition of thumbstick grips gave him even more control. Small changes, big difference!

We’re so glad that Tye can look forward to an exciting future of gaming magic – including Descenders, his favourite!