“To Christopher it means the world”

Thursday, June 20th, 2024

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Three images showing a seated boy with ventilator playing Minecraft using an adapted gaming setup

Gaming’s still a lifeline for Chris, who we’ve been supporting for several years now through a series of carefully configured gaming controller setups that our team have regularly revised to match his changing abilities.

Chris has Duchenne muscular dystrophy, and it was wonderful to hear from his dad recently that he’s still loving every minute of his gaming journey.

He still plays through his current setup but, thanks to the latest advice from our specialist assessment team, he’s also now able to use a Nintendo Switch and PS5 alongside his Xbox. A Brook Wingman adapter allows his XAC to work with the Switch, and a Besavior and Titan Two combination lets him use the shift function and feather joystick across multiple platforms.

“He’s in his element, playing Minecraft with his sister on both their PS5s,” said his dad. “To some people that’s nothing special, but to Christopher it means the world. Thanks for always being there, you have my utmost respect for all the help and advice you’ve provided.”

Enabling Chris to access his PS5 has also rekindled his passion for composing: “The PS5 setup worked out so perfectly it’s given him the oomph to go back to composing his music – thank you!”

Being able to support Chris with his gaming independence over the years continues to be a real privilege, and we’ll continue to be there for him if he needs our help in the future.