The special effect that’s going beyond gaming

Friday, October 11th, 2019

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Seated smiling woman operating remote control

It’s always a privilege to extend our mission to help people facing physical challenges, and it’s our StarGaze project team who are quietly taking our tech and techniques beyond gaming to change lives in many different ways.

Our specialist teams make life better for people in a careful, specialist and person-centred way. Sometimes that means trying out cutting-edge technology like eye-controlled computers, and sometimes a low tech approach pays off.

Take Rosemarie for example, whose condition caused weakness in her hands and meant that she struggled to use her phone to keep in touch with her family and friends while in hospital. Our team introduced a simple velcro-covered tray and a cleverly adapted stylus, stabilising the phone and giving her the ability to text and call again. As an extra bonus she could change the TV channels and bed controls with her stylus as well!