“Thank you for making my dream come true.”

Thursday, December 7th, 2017

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It was an extra special pleasure to welcome Football-mad Finlay and his family to our Games Room last week. They’d come down from the north of Scotland with the hope that Fin might be able to play FIFA on an Xbox, His dream was to take to the virtual playing field as his favourite teams Manchester United and Rangers, but his cerebral palsy means that he struggles to control his movements. Mastering a standard games console controller is impossible.

“He needs constant support for the simple tasks we all take for granted,” said his mum, “but his positive attitude and enthusiasm make him an endearing character that you can’t help but admire.”

We can’t agree more. And the smile of delight that lit up his face when our therapists Nomi and Frankie worked out a successful gaming setup for him, was one of the highlights of our year.

It was an adapted joystick and two large button switches that did the trick. “I’ve rarely seen him use both hands like that,” said his mum as he sent a pass flying forward in FIFA. “It’s amazing what the right motivation can do!”

Fin was over the moon to be playing. “Thank you for having me,” he said with a beaming smile as he left. No problem Fin, the pleasure is ours, totally ours.

If you’ve supported SpecialEffect this year in ANY form then thank you as it’s down to you that this kind of happiness is possible!

Thank you for making my dream come true