Take a tour of FIFA21’s One and Two Button modes

Wednesday, January 20th, 2021

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Check out the new video walkthrough of the One and Two Button modes in EA’s FIFA21 on our gameaccess.info website. These control schemes let you play the game with a single joystick and either one or two buttons, which can be especially useful if you’re finding it difficult to use the entire controller.

We’ve used these modes to help kick off the football gaming journeys of many gamers over the years – just ask Tiernan – and with FIFA continuing to be high on the gaming wish list of people who ask for our help, we hope the video will prove useful!

gameaccess.info is our accessibility resource of tutorials, control walkthroughs and equipment information.

Below: Tiernan’s just one of the players enjoying FIFA thanks to the One and Two Button modes
Smiling boy playing video game, insert screenshot of video tutorial