Take a spin with Open Drive, our new eye gaze game

Thursday, April 7th, 2022

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Title screen of game showing two cars

Start your engines and get ready to take on the awesome arena of Open Drive! Tackle tricks, earn trophies, and more with the latest addition to our eyegazegames.com website, out now!

Like all the games on the site, Open Drive boasts a range of eye gaze settings and controls, but it can also be enjoyed using touch, assistive mice, keyboard, gamepad, a switch or switches. The game will be regularly extended with additional worlds to explore. 

It’s already a hit with Ava, a Canadian girl with Rett Syndrome who uses eye control technology. Here she is hitting the ramps, watched by her mother, Jennifer.

“Ava’s loving the game!” said Jennifer. “Thank you for making these games accessible for this community!”

We’re indebted to The Yogscast and their worldwide community for generously helping to support the creation of Open Drive through their Jingle Jam Christmas fundraising campaign. We’d also like to thank the amazing team at Sun and Moon Studios, the game’s developers.