Sony announce launch of Access controller for PS5

Wednesday, December 6th, 2023

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Circular accessible gaming controller with accessories placed around it

Sony have announced the global launch of their Access controller for the PS5, a controller kit designed to enable players to create their own customised controller layout. The kit features an adjustable control stick and programmable buttons, and it connects to external devices such as accessibility switches, joysticks, and mounts. You can use two Access controllers together or combine one or two Access controllers with a PS5 DualSense controller.

SpecialEffect were one of several organisations and individuals asked by Sony to be in involved in the planning and development phases of the controller.

“Our experience in helping physically disabled players to access video games enabled us to offer relevant advice about features and design from a user-centred perspective,” said SpecialEffect Founder and CEO Dr Mick Donegan.

“Creating complex game control setups for people with severe disabilities takes time, care and specialist expertise,” said Mick. “There are many factors to be considered – comfort, safety, positioning, equipment selection and mounting – and we’re looking forward to including this first-party product as part of our toolkit to enable gamers to play to the best of their abilities.”

Click here for more details of the Access controller for PS5

Keep an eye out on our GameAccess website this month for our video introducing the features of the controller.