Six of the best from social media

Wednesday, May 25th, 2022

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Harry Kane, backflips and some very dodgy costumes: here’s a round up of the standout action on our social media channels over the last few weeks:

Screenshot of social post: young boy looking at unboxing of controllerA gorgeous blue Xbox Adaptive Controller for Chase. We’re indebted to Xbox for the gesture!

Social media screenshot of footballer talking to robotHere’s our BubbleBuster Olcán watching the England team train at St George’s Park. A massive thank you to Xbox UK and England Football for this amazing video!

Man leans out of car window to hook a hoop with a poleHere’s four days of Twin Town Challenge action, laughs and memories packed into four minutes by the fantastic First Sight Media crew.

Footballer poses in front of screenTaking the art of the football promo to new (or different) levels here are Aardvark Swift, one of the winners in our two regional SpecialEffect Five-a-Side Masters Tournaments.

Screenshot of man in a cap bowing on stageJacob, one of our Specialist Occupational Therapists, takes time out from our stand at Insomnia #i68 to boss the Just Dance competition. And then some. Wait for it…

Screenshot of skydive tweet postAnd finally, our fantastic friend and supporter Eden skydives