Sing for SpecialEffect!

Wednesday, October 11th, 2023

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It’s not too late to bring your voice to the One Special Day party and join Gamechoir for a worldwide performance of Sweden from Minecraft!

The incredibly talented composer and musician Richard Gowers has turned the iconic C418 track into an acapella choir composition for soprano, alto, tenor and bass voices, and each voice part will be taught live on YouTube on Thursday, 12 October from 1PM BST. To take part, simply tune in to the stream or download the guide tracks, then record your part on a phone or computer and email it to the Gamechoir sound team. They’ll mix it with submissions from around the globe.

You don’t need any singing experience to take part – Gamechoir is open to all, regardless of voice, age or location, and it’s absolutely free to take part, although you are welcome to make an optional donation to SpecialEffect for your participation.

A huge thank you to all involved. It’s fitting that one of the last events for One Special Day is on course to be one of the loudest!

Find out more about taking part here: