Scuffing all over the world!

Tuesday, April 5th, 2022

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Well, almost… Nottingham to the Netherlands, New Zealand, Dublin, Wexford, Manchester, Sheffield, Coventry, Poole, Warwickshire and Oxfordshire! Our fantastic Ambassador Adam Freeman and his community loved our StrideQuest walking challenge so much last year that they’ve created their very own ScuffQuest, which runs throughout April with the aim of reaching a total of 2022km covered.

You can walk, run or simply potter but the aim is to get out for some fresh air and exercise – and anyone can join in! There’s no obligation to raise money, it’s just for fun, but a fundraising option is there if anyone wants to. It’s all happening on Strava.

Don’t forget to check out Adam’s weekday lunchtime Twitch stream for the latest updates (11.30-12.30 GMT).

Below: some images from recent ScuffQuesters on their travels

Six images of countryside views, dogs, and man in SpecialEffect shirt