Remote support boosts Zoe’s gaming ambitions

Monday, April 20th, 2020

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The good news goes on! Our usual face to face contact visits with our assessment team aren’t possible at the moment but we’re so happy to be able to help gamer Zoe, whose online support session with our occupational therapists Frankie and Nomi could result in a potential game-changer for Zoe’s gaming setup.

Zoe has cerebral palsy and the added challenge of tendonitis in both hands and forearms, which means she can’t use her PC keyboard without experiencing pain. Although she has limited use of the trackpad, she really wants to be able to use voice controls to help her play games like Dragon Quest and In Verbis Virtus, but she’s finding it really difficult to find the very best way to do this.

Frankie and Nomi’s Skype call with Zoe at home could well be a breakthrough though. They talked with her about every aspect of the challenge, including potential equipment positioning, her favourite games and the exact details of what movements and abilities she has.

“We can now look further into the games she wants to play and put together some voice control scripts for her to try, as well providing the relevant assistive equipment,” said Frankie.

“When we’ve pulled everything together we’ll support Zoe in another online assessment and support session to make sure it’s all set up it as successfully as possible.”

Online assessment and support is an exciting alternative way to provide our life-changing support and one that we’re sure will enable us to continue to bring fun and inclusion to many, many more people, so please do get in touch if you think we can help.

Below: Zoe (r), talking to Frankie (t) and Nomi (l)