Paul’s Call of Duty brotherly bond

Thursday, June 3rd, 2021

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Paul’s life-changing injury didn’t just devastate his own gaming, it had a big effect on the people he’d enjoyed playing with. A high spinal injury in 2013 left him with virtually no finger movement and very limited arm movement, and the loss of his Call of Duty camaraderie and competitiveness was particularly felt by his brother. “It’s a big thing for us,” he said. “When we lost that, it impacted both of us.”

As this short video shows, Paul’s back playing with his brother and his friends again – and has been for many years. As video games, controller technology and Paul’s own gaming preferences have developed, he’s been in regular contact with our specialist assessment team who’ve been able to give advice and make vital ongoing changes to a setup they first created eight years ago that made the very best of his abilities.

This commitment to lifelong support is a fundamental aspect of our work, and it’s been a privilege to have helped him maintain a brotherly bond through the games he loves.