One special gaming boost for Buzz

Thursday, September 1st, 2022

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Smiling boy using adapted gaming control setup

THIS is the kind of special smile that YOUR amazing One Special Day support is going to make possible for people all over the world! It’s Buzz, who’s now racing into the magical world of gaming thanks to the help of our specialist assessment team.

Buzz has cerebral palsy and finds coordinating his hands and arms difficult. He uses an eye-controlled computer for communicating, so his parents got in touch to see if our Eye Gaze Games would be something he could enjoy.

Nomi and Joe from our Specialist Assessment Team talked with Buzz and his parents over a video call to find out more about his abilities, and discussed ways his that his eye-controlled computer could be tweaked to access the games on our Eye Gaze Games website.

After seeing Buzz’s movements they also suggested he might like to try playing Mario Kart on a console. They’ve loaned him an Xbox Adaptive controller, which lets Buzz boss the accelerator using a securely fixed large button switch.

Buzz absolutely loves to play, and his amazing smile says everything. We’re hoping that this is just the beginning of a wonderful gaming journey for him and, as with everyone we support, we’ll be there for him if and when he needs our help in the future.

We don’t charge for any of our support, so Buzz’s smile simply wouldn’t have been possible without your help. You’re making a life-changing difference!

SpecialEffect have been helping people like Buzz to play the games they love to the best of their abilities for 15 years, so join us on One Special Day on October 7 and help us keep the magic flowing for gamers worldwide!

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