Low-force special gets Oliver back on track

Wednesday, May 15th, 2019

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Young child in buggy with hands on adapted controller

That smile! It’s Oliver, who’s back playing his favourite LEGO games on his Xbox. Reaching and pressing all the triggers and buttons was getting tricky because of his spinal muscular atrophy, so Cam and Joe from our specialist assessment team devised a special controller setup for him this week, based on his abilities.

Oliver’s now rocking a special low-force controller, which has sticks that are much easier for him to use. The team also sorted him out with four brightly-coloured foot-operated switches that mimic the controller buttons, and he gets on really well with them. He was soon easily swapping between his LEGO characters AND and he can now boss the burrow move in Super Lucky’s Tale!

To make the day extra special the team noticed that Oliver had his eye on the family Nintendo Switch, so they got the new setup working with it via an adaptor. Now he’s up and running with Super Mario Odyssey as well!

“Oliver is absolutely loving playing the Xbox again and now wants to play alllll day because his fingers aren’t getting so tired,” said Oliver’s mum a few day later on Facebook. “Thank you for what you do! You have made a little boy VERY happy xxxxxxxxx”

So glad you’re maxing your gaming fun again, Oliver!