Long-range support brings Minecraft joy

Tuesday, October 8th, 2019

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This video raised huge smiles here with the team. It’s a ten year-old boy in Japan playing Minecraft for the first time using a chin-controlled joystick, a walk forward switch and voice controls. It’s a great example of how your magnificent support will let us help gamers across the world.

The boy’s parents got in touch as he already had general control over his computer using a chin-controlled joystick and a small button switch in his hand – but they were really hoping he could play Minecraft.

“I contacted them via email and took them through how to remap the switch as a walk forwards button,” said Joe, one of our specialist therapists. “I explained how set up the joystick for in-game movement, and sent them links to our how-to videos about voice controls. Soon he was playing Minecraft!”

We’re so glad to enable this long-range gaming magic. It’s reassuring to know that the experience we gain through our face-to-face work with disabled gamers in the UK is having a global impact!