Less pain and more gaming gain for Harry

Tuesday, January 30th, 2018

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Seated young man using adapted gaming controller

Imagine if pressing your fingertips on anything sent pain through your finger joints. That’s the problem Harry has. It’s joint hypermobility and, apart from the the incredible frustration, inconvenience and pain it causes in just living life, it makes for very, very uncomfortable gaming.

Hypermobility is part of life for Harry, throughout his body. He was finding playing games on his PC through an Xbox 360 PS3 controller increasingly difficult, so he visited our Games Room to see if we could help.

Joe, Gillian and Liz from our specialist assessment team worked some low-tech magic and padded out the underside of the controller with soft foam so it was manageable to hold, then crafted foam extensions to the left stick and the buttons. A simple solution on the surface, but with such a complex condition it’s vital to get the material, positioning and size right.

It’s made all the difference. Harry’s now back trying out the first person shooters and platformers he loves, but with far less stress on his hands!