Kristian’s back in control

Friday, March 2nd, 2018

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Here’s Nomi, one of our specialist therapists, with Kristian, a mad-keen gamer that we’ve helped recently.

“I’ve been into games since the Sinclair Spectrum,” he said. “My first proper console was the Sega Mega Drive and I’ve progressed from NES to an Xbox One S. I’ve always loved my PC gaming too.”

But Kristian’s playing days were cut short by a sudden aneurism that seriously affected the movement in the left side of his body. Although he’s gradually regained a lot of movement – and he’s walking again – he still finds it a challenge isolating the fine finger control that’s needed for effective gaming.

Nomi and Gillian went to see if they could help, and came up with a few simple but effective fixes that have transformed his gaming. They mounted his Xbox controller onto a sturdy arm so he can concentrate on using the controls rather than holding the controller. They also added some foam rings behind the sticks to ease the strain of controlling his fingers.

He was also finding it difficult and tiring to use a mouse button for his PC games, so they remapped the button to a blue switch on a lap tray where he could easily use it.

There was good news from Kristian the following week. “The setup’s working well and the joypad ‘clampy thing’ is excellent!” he said.
Great to know that Kristian’s back enjoying his racing games and shooters!