Keren’s eye control skills outsmart Dr Mick

Tuesday, October 6th, 2020

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Dr Mick meets his match! Watch Keren’s face light up as she pounces on a ‘Four-in-a Row’ error by our Founder and CEO in our own free-to-play, browser-based Eye Gaze Games. THIS is the kind of winning feeling our accessibility resources are making possible for people with severe physical disabilities across the world!

Keren, who lives in the US, is now having the time of her life playing games using her eyes. She has severe cerebral palsy and her eyes provide the only reliable movement she has, but with a customised software setup and ongoing support provided by Dr Mick Donegan and our specialist occupational therapists, she’s able to join in the fun and compete against her family and friends, all by herself.

“Thanks so much for making it possible!” said her father.