Kati and Lucinda’s international eye-gaze challenge

Monday, September 12th, 2022

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Let’s rewind to 2020 and relive Kati and Lucinda’s international eye-controlled chess challenge that helped to launch our suite of Eye Gaze Games!

Finland-based Kati, who’s used eye gaze or head movement to communicate and access technology since experiencing a severe stroke over 20 years ago, took on Lucinda from Sussex, who played chess internationally while she was at school and also uses an eye-controlled computer.

The match was played through SpecialEffect’s Eye Gaze Games website, which features the world’s first online multiplayer fully eye-controlled web games, enabling eye gaze users to meet and play against almost anyone across the globe, anonymously and on a level playing field.

Both Kati and Lucinda have been great friends of the charity for many years.

“SpecialEffect have helped me return to gaming again using my eye gaze and other adaptive technology,” said Lucinda. “I would consider it life-changing. As a child I often played games with family and friends so not being able to do that any more was incredibly hard. When SpecialEffect opened the door to gaming again it meant that I could relive that enjoyment and play new and exciting games.”

“It’s a charity close to my heart.”

SpecialEffect have been helping people like Kati and Lucinda to play the games they love to the best of their abilities for over 15 years, so join us on One Special Day on October 6 and help us keep the magic flowing for gamers worldwide!