Jacob gives the thumbs up to his new gaming setup

Thursday, March 10th, 2022

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smiling boy in wheelchair with adapted gaming setup gives thumbs up

“Thank you so much! I’m now able to play games with my twin brother and it’s so much fun! I managed to complete a level on my car game for the first time ever too and it was great!”

Jacob’s overjoyed with his new accessible gaming setup. It’s unlocked an exciting new gaming journey for him along with a whole new world of fun, inclusion and family rivalry!

We first helped Jacob back in 2016, but now that he’s a teenager he’s longing to play games such as Fortnite and Need for Speed to the best of his abilities. He loves his PS5, but his cerebral palsy means that mastering the small buttons and joysticks on the controller is difficult.

Frankie and Joe from our Specialist Assessment Team talked with Jacob and his mum over a video call to find out how he was currently playing games and what alternative or additional accessible tech might level up his skills to tackle the titles he wants to enjoy.

Jacob can use his right hand relatively well with a controller, but he was wondering if a bigger joystick for his left hand and some larger buttons would make play easier for him. Our team selected and sent the family what they considered to be the most appropriate options from our equipment loan library, including a joystick that was similar to his wheelchair controller and two accessibility button switches. A wedge on the right side of a Velcro-covered lap tray held a PS4 controller at a comfortable angle so that his right hand wasn’t needed to grip or support its weight.

Our team also loaned Jacob the necessary tech to overcome current compatibility issues in using his setup for both PS4 and PS5 games* and guided the family through the steps required to get the setup working correctly.

The setup’s working really well and we’re so glad that we’ve been able to help get Jacob back up to speed with his gaming. As with everyone we support, we’ll be there for him if and when he needs our help in the future.

It’s only thanks to YOUR invaluable and ongoing support that we’re able to maintain the high level of expertise and resources we need to make such gaming dreams come true, so thank you for everything you do to create such magical smiles!

* Jacob’s setup uses a PS4 controller as some of the games he wants to play on his PS5 are PS4 games, which can be played with a PS4 controller. To be able to use a joystick and switches on the PS5, he needs to use an Xbox Adaptive Controller and a Titan Two adapter. Using the PS4 controller alongside these prevents any compatibility issues with the PS5, as long as he only plays PS4 games.

To get his setup working in Fortnite and any other PS5 game, Jacob can use PS Remote Play, a way of controlling a PS5 console via a PC over a WiFi connection. Without Remote Play and a Titan Two adapter, he wouldn’t be able to play these games with this setup. The following link on our GameAccess website explains how to set up Remote Play on a PS5: PS Remote Play x Titan Two | Play PS5 Games with Alternative Controllers