“I’m able to play so much more!”

Wednesday, March 13th, 2024

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Split image, both with reclining man using accessible gaming setups, one with buttons, one with circular controllers

We couldn’t be more thankful for your all your support and generosity, and THIS is the kind of life-changing impact it’s making for so many people around the world.

Meet Oliver. He has Tourette’s syndrome and his physical tics making gaming very challenging: holding a gamepad is painful and he often presses the wrong buttons or moves the joysticks in unintentional directions.

He’s also non-verbal, so our specialist assessment team chatted with him via email to find out more about his specific abilities and the games he wanted to play. He was keen to try a range of titles on his PS3, PS5 and the Nintendo Switch, so our team sent him a trial controller setup consisting of a carefully selected and securely mounted range of buttons and large joysticks, along with a Microsoft XAC and a Cronus Zen interface.

This potentially gave him easier access to the controls he needed to enjoy his PS3 and Switch gaming. He already had a Sony Access controller for his PS5, but we sent another to cater for the additional buttons and joystick inputs required.

“The gaming setup and equipment is amazing. And honestly game changing,” he said. “I’m able to play sooo much more. Massive reduction in pain whilst playing. And much easier to press the correct buttons with the bigger buttons that the tics cause trouble with. Gaming is enjoyable and a great distraction.”

Oliver’s now having an amazing time playing games like Stray, Animal Crossing, Zelda and the Lego titles. We can’t wait to more about how his gaming levels up and, as with all the people we work with, we’ll be here to help him maintain that gaming magic for as long as needs us.

Your support enables us to help thousands more people like Oliver around the world with physical challenges to discover the magic of video games. From all of us, a huge, heartfelt THANK YOU.

Above: Oliver with his PS5 setup (left) and his PS3 and Switch setup (right). Our original intention was to create a single setup that could be used on all three platforms, but at the date of publication that was not easily possible due to interface compatibility issues.