Helen’s talking her way to RuneScape success

Thursday, September 23rd, 2021

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Meet Helen, who’s now able to play her favourite game RuneScape far more effectively thanks to customised voice control commands introduced by our specialist assessment team.

Helen’s been a RuneScape player for almost 15 years but she was struggling to maintain her level of play. Her cerebral palsy affected the fine motor movements in her left hand, and nerve compression made many other movements painful. These limitations had restricted both her playing time and her ability to make selections quickly enough for complex gameplay and combat.

She met Nomi and Jacob from our assessment team via a video call and together they looked at different controller solutions that had the potential to help. Eventually they decided that voice control could provide the most promising way forward, and Nomi created scripts for a customised VoiceAttack software profile for her to try.

Helen is a fan of both old school RuneScape and RS3 and, as some of the control mechanics differ between the two variations Nomi created two scripts, one for each version.

The voice commands have really helped Helen talk her way out of RuneScape trouble. She’s now playing for longer and enjoying new aspects of the game while minimising her pain and discomfort. As she’s progressed we’ve continued to support her, tweaking existing commands and adding new ones when she needs them.

We’re sure there are many other players who could benefit from playing RuneScape with the kind of custom voice commands we created for Helen, so please get in touch if you’d be interested in finding out more. We’re also planning a walkthrough video for our gameaccess.info website showing how you can make VoiceAttack voice scripts and try them in your own favourite games.

Thank you to our friends at Jagex and the RuneScape community who helped to advise our team about the RuneScape game mechanics, enabling us to create and test the initial voice scripts to meet Helen’s needs. The screenshot below shows Nomi’s RuneScape test character and her voice script. Our Specialist Occupational Therapists Jacob and Nomi are talking to Helen.