Hand/foot combo lets David play co-op Skyrim

Friday, September 20th, 2019

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Seated man holding mini games controller

Following a car accident when he was younger, David’s been struggling to play games with one hand and almost gave up after buying specialist equipment which didn’t work for him.

Although he could use a joystick with his left hand, he couldn’t reach the triggers to play racing games. So a couple of months ago our specialist assessment team visited David to discover the specific extent of his abilities, and as a result loaned him a setup that included two footswitch buttons to act as racing game foot pedals, along with suitable connection equipment. He was soon back enjoying some track action.

His stepdaughter loves Skyrim, so our team went back again a few weeks later with the aim of helping him access the game so they could play together. And we’re really pleased to say that with the addition of another button to act as ‘walk forward’, and a special one-handed joystick that suited his hand to act as the camera option, he was soon making his way past his first dragon attack!