Hand and foot combo gets Chris gaming again

Monday, December 9th, 2019

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Seated man using accessible gaming setup, inset shows equipment details

Chris’s stroke has affected the use of his right hand, so playing his PS4 is a real challenge. But here’s the careful loan setup worked out by Frankie and Joe from our specialist assessment team that’s got him right back into some serious gaming action.

He’s using a foot-controlled joystick for the right stick, and a configurable controller with his left hand. The face buttons are swapped with the d-pad, and the R1 and R2 buttons are on the back of the left hand grip. The team also put together a Titan Two script so he can use the setup on his Nintendo Switch.

By angling the controller on a wedge and fixing it to a foam-bean lap tray, Chris can now play comfortably for as long as he likes. Which, judging by his love of Dark Souls, Red Dead Redemption 2 and Monster Hunter World, is going to be quite a while. Enjoy, Chris!