Getting David’s adapted gaming setup just right

Friday, November 19th, 2021

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Seated man using adapted controller setup

Image: David using his initial loan setup. Note the inverted yellow button switch by his shoulder that he operates with a small shrug.

David’s begun to enjoy playing the games he loves again thanks to an adapted gaming setup created by our specialist assessment team. It’s work in progress though, and we’re looking forward to tweaking the setup until he can play to the very best of his abilities.

David has no movement below his shoulders due to a spinal cord injury, but he was eager to get back to playing console games using his head and shoulder movements. He contacted our team, who worked with him via a series of online sessions.

“We talked with David about his gaming and console preferences,” said Nomi, one of our specialist team, “We agreed that racing games would be a good starting point for an adapted controller setup that we could potentially build from in the future.”

The team loaned David an initial equipment setup that included a chin-controlled joystick that acts as a left joystick, and a button mounted by his shoulder that can be used for menus or as a right trigger. He also has the option for the setup to be co-piloted using a second standard controller operated by his family or carers for playing more complex games.

“It’s given David access to games again, which is really fantastic. It works for him, but there’s still room for improvement so we’ll keep trialling different joystick options to find the one he’s most comfortable with.”

Our extensive loan library of equipment gives us this flexibility to adjust or remodel a controller setup until our experienced team – and the gamer we’re supporting – are sure that it’s the most effective, comfortable and safest possible access solution at that particular time. Keeping this library well-stocked, fully maintained and up to date is a continual challenge however, and we’re truly thankful for all your continuing support in funding this invaluable part of our service.

We’re looking forward to the challenge of matching David’s equipment as closely as possible to his abilities. It’s already given him the chance to enjoy games like Forza again, and it really will be great to continue the process of helping him become the very best gamer he can be.