Get ready – it’s GameBlast24!

Thursday, February 22nd, 2024

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It’s here! GameBlast24, the UK’s biggest annual charity gaming marathon weekend is the event specifically for gamers, to help gamers, via the gamer’s charity. That makes it the best excuse to game EVER!! A big GameBlast24 welcome to the hundreds of amazing people from the gaming community and industry who’ll be supporting the event this weekend.

You’ll be raising money for us – SpecialEffect. We’re there for the thousands of people who want to share your passion for video games, but their physical disabilities stop or limit their ability to play any of the titles you’re fanatical about.

People like Athion, whose cerebral palsy makes using a standard games controller difficult. But with the loan of a personalised accessible controller setup devised by our specialist assessment team, he’s now loving playing Mario Kart with his family. The sponsorship you raise through GameBlast24 will help us change the lives of many more people like Athion by bringing the magic and inclusivity of gaming into their lives.


Follow the action

You’re raising money in all sorts of ways this weekend, so here’s a few links to find out what’s going on.


Who’s taking part in GameBlast24?

There are already hundreds of amazing GameBlasters who’ve signed up to play and livestream their game-related antics over the weekend, and we can’t wait to meet them! A big thank you as well to all the veteran Blaster individuals, groups and communities who are gearing up for a return to the fun. Thank you as well to the many fantastic companies including SEGA, Rare, Digital Extremes, HyperX and Insert Coin who are supporting the event by taking part, spreading awareness, donating prizes and generally just being so brilliantly supportive.


Why does GameBlast matter?

The money you raise will be helping gamers with disabilities find out what they want to play, and exactly what they need to play it. Everyone’s abilities are different so we’ll match, modify or create custom gaming setup loans, and offer lifelong support to cover changing abilities and gaming ambitions..

Just ask Tiago, who’s gaming without limitations, or find out how Lisa is still in love with gaming after years of our support. Read about how Rodney can now play with his son, and see the impact that the ability to game has had on Bethany and her family.

Below (clockwise from top left): Tiago, Lisa, Bethany and Rodney

montage of a man, a young man, a woman and a girl using adapted gaming controllers.

All of this magic wouldn’t be possible without your help. We also wouldn’t be able to provide accessibility advice through our gameaccess website, we wouldn’t be able to develop ways of playing games just using your eyes, and we wouldn’t be able to help developers across the world to make their games more accessible. It’s YOU that’s making all this truly life-changing difference.

We’re more appreciative than ever for your help in these tough economic times, and GameBlast24 is going to be vitally important in supporting our work in giving people with physical disabilities the lifelong support the need to enjoy video games. So have an AMAZING time, and thank you from the bottom of our hearts!