Gazey Golf, the latest title in our Eye Gaze Games series

Monday, November 15th, 2021

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Eyeing up a round of golf? Check out Gazey Golf, an exciting new free-to-play online game on our Eye Gaze Games website. It’s been optimised to help gamers using eye gaze technology putt for victory but can also be played in a number of other ways, for example with accessibility switches, a gamepad, keyboard, mouse or an assistive mouse.

Gazey Golf features four 9-hole crazy golf courses to unlock. Players compete against themselves to beat their previous scores or 1v1 against another local player in one, three or nine hole competitions.

Bill Donegan, Projects Manager at SpecialEffect, said “Adding Gazey Golf to the site has allowed us to offer players a game that, whilst challenging, aims to be an enjoyable and relaxing experience, unrestricted by controls or gameplay. Through this, we hope players of a wide range of ages and interests can experience the competition, fun and social interaction of games.”

“We hope to create games that enable players to utilise their eye gaze skills to be able to play and enjoy competing with friends and family as well as demonstrate to developers how eye gaze could be an input option in many more games, with the right interfaces and options.”

Gazey Golf is the tenth game to be added to our Eye Gaze Games website, which aims to enable players using eye gaze technology to be able to play a range of games with friends and family and online. While our other work focuses on access to existing mainstream games, creating our own games with a focus on accessibility for eye gaze players allows us to make sure that there are games available for everyone to play.

By making these games available as browser-based and free-to-play, we hope to remove as many barriers to entry as possible, whether technical or otherwise, to players all around the world.

We’re so grateful to our friends at The Yogscast and the amazing Jingle Jam community for their incredible generosity in supporting the development of this latest addition to our growing library of Eye Gaze Games!

Find out more about the eye gaze settings within Gazey Golf.

Screenshots from the game