EyeMine V2 is here!

Thursday, January 21st, 2021

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EyeMine V2 is here! The new version of our eye-control software for Minecraft takes the core experience for both beginners and advanced players to the next level!

Download EyeMine V2 here

EyeMine is our free eye-control optimised software that enables Minecraft to be played without a keyboard or a mouse. It’s been downloaded thousands of times around the world, opening up the Minecraft experience to people with even the most severe disabilities and offering them full access to every feature of the game.


New features in EyeMine V2 include:

Support for more eye-trackers

EyeMine now supports more eye-trackers than ever, including Tobii Dynavox trackers, Tobii gaming trackers, the Irisbond Duo and any tracker that can be used to control the cursor – including the MyGaze, Alea and many more!

Dwell to build and mine

Dramatically cut construction time on large projects by looking and ‘dwelling’ on an area to build and mine in lightning quick time.

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“Dwell building and dwell mining make building and mining so much quicker” – Becky, EyeMine tester

Feature-rich keyboards

New keyboards allow more control over creative building, and the keyboards are flexible, easier to reposition and resize – and even customise!

Saveable toolbars

A fantastic time-saver! Store and load your favourite building items for whenever you need them.

Simpler installation

We’ve made it easier for you to get EyeMine up and running with both Minecraft and a range of eye trackers.

Then there’s…

– Better weapon handling
– Adjustable walk and look speeds
– Ironsights
– Minecraft Java Edition 1.14.4 support

…and many more improvements for an enhanced gameplay experience.

Find out more.

The video below gives overview of the improvements and new features in EyeMine V2, and you can find out a whole lot more at gameaccess.info.