David’s heading for maximum gaming fun

Friday, December 13th, 2019

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headshot of smiling man in wheelchair using headswitch

What a smile! David’s able to join in the gaming fun with a soft head switch that lets him accelerate in driving games and bang in the goals in FIFA!

He doesn’t have much voluntary movement in his arms and legs but a head switch, run through an Xbox Adaptive Controller, lets him join in the action. Our specialist assessment team met with David to dicuss his abilities and what games he wanted to play, and as a result devised a loan controller setup suggested mapping the switch to the right trigger, positioned it behind his head, and away he went in Burnout Paradise. Nomi and Cam struggled to steer fast enough to keep up.

For FIFA, the best place for the switch was at the side of his head, and with the help of the game’s one-button mode he’s made up to be back on the pitch. Enjoy your gaming, David!

Helping David was only possible because of all your amazing fundraising this year. It’s been humbling and uplifting to have your support, and all of us appreciate absolutely everything you’ve done to level the playing field for so many disabled gamers. Thank you!